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The Greenfield Coalition’s current focus is to pause the City of Fresno’s Southeast Development Area (“SEDA”) Specific Plan until adequate impact analyses and mitigation assessments are complete. SEDA’s nearly 9,000-acre development area currently houses 5,000 residents, and the plan proposes to add 145,000 residents by 2050. Without proper planning and mitigation efforts, SEDA will have far-reaching, detrimental impacts on our city and its existing neighborhoods and residents.


The updated SEDA Draft Plan and the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were released on July 14, 2023 and will be available for public comment until August 28, 2023.


Greenfield Coalition urges Fresno residents to use their voice and urge our City leaders to pause SEDA. 


How you can help:




Here is a template letter to send to City leaders:



Dear [Representative],


I urge you to consider the immediate pause of the Southeast Development Area (“SEDA”) Specific Plan until adequate impact analyses and mitigation assessments are complete. As a concerned resident, I believe it is vital to properly assess the long-term impacts this massive development will have on our community, economy, environment, and overall quality of life. Take a look around Fresno and see how decades of outward development have negatively impacted our urban core. The data is clear and damage of urban decay in Fresno is undeniable, but it is not too late to make the right decision on SEDA and change the trajectory of how we expand and who pays the price.


An informed and thoughtful approach to SEDA and all of Fresno’s urban planning and revitalization efforts can help combat the negative effects of urban decay and blight, preserve our city’s agricultural and green spaces, and create a more sustainable and vibrant city for future generations.   


Please have the courage to be cautious with SEDA, and with all developments in Fresno that may seem tempting now, but will have detrimental impacts on our city and its residents for decades to come.  


Thank you for your time and your consideration.




[Your Name] 

[Your Address or City District]



“Believe it or not, our current infrastructure is very unreliable, it is outdated, and many of it was put underground in the late 1800s. Pipes are now corroded, as well as undersized. Beyond our infrastructure, we must also beautify Downtown Fresno as well as Chinatown by enhancing our streets, sidewalks, lighting, and landscape. We must develop pocket and linear parks to attract and accommodate those who live, work, and visit in the Downtown area.”


Mayor Jerry Dyer, City of Fresno (press conference on 6/28/23)

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