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When Fresno expands, who pays the price?

Unchecked outward growth has led to significant negative impacts in the heart of Fresno. Physical decay, blight, vacant lots, fires, and crumbling infrastructure in our urban core are blatant, visual examples of those impacts, while residents are also facing unseen impacts of worsening air quality, overcrowding, and increased poverty rates.


The Greenfield Coalition is a group of residents and leaders who are committed to revitalizing our urban core, preserving Fresno's agricultural land and green spaces, and advocating for responsible growth and urban planning.

Vacant Acres

Of the 63,000 acres within the Fresno city limits, approximately 8,700 acres (14%) are vacant (undeveloped land) with the zoned capacity to hold over 134,000 housing units.

$500 Million
in Street Repairs

Fresno's Public Works Director estimates that the backlog of repair for Fresno city streets is $500 million.

Cost Burdened

In 2021, 51% of Fresnans were cost burdened (households spending more than 30% of their gross income on rent).

Higher Income Exodus 

Data shows that residents leaving Fresno for other states have a higher household income than new residents migrating into Fresno from other states.

Data gives us the power to make better choices.

The Greenfield Coalition released an independent study to analyze the impacts of fringe growth on the urban core.

Join the Coalition.

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For media inquiries, please contact:

Bob Nelson, Ed.D - suptbobnelson(at)

Dillon Savory - dsavory(at)

Coalition Focus Area:

Fresno, California

Focus Neighborhoods:

Blackstone, Kings Canyon/Ventura, Hidalgo, Downtown, and Southwest Fresno.

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